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Trust and risk are key words in banking. As a bank you want to be trusted by your customers and in your day-to-day business activities reducing risk is one of the most important tasks.

About us is based in the Netherlands and founded by Johan Hol who has more than 10 years of experience in the financial sector and specializes in Regtech. provides linked open data on Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) and International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs). This data is online available in a user-friendly webportal, where you can easily search and drilldown to the details.

Our aim is to help the banking industry to

  • Increase trust
  • Reduce and manage risk
  • Being regulatory compliant (EMIR, CSDR, CRR)

We use the same sources as the regulators do.

Act responsible

Being trusted is all about reputation. Are you doing the right things according to your customers. For example, do you invest money in socially responsible investments? From a business perspective these kind of investments are only interesting if they don’t come with a high investment market risk.

Reduce risks in investments

By using you can check if investments are socially responsible and reduce investment market risk. Our database holds information for over 20,000,000 investments (ISINs) which all are assigned to an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier). The industry sector (e.g. NACE) that has been assigned to the investment informs you about investments that aren’t socially responsible, such as gambling (NACE 92.00) or tobacco (NACE 01.15, 12.00, 46.35 and 47.26).

We connect ISIN and LEI data for more insight

The LEI information of the issuer of the investments contains information about both ‘Who is who’ (Level 1) and ‘Who owns whom’ (Level 2). The Level 2 information is very helpful in identifying complex business structures, one of the main reasons of the financial crisis. You’ll get information about headquarters, subsidiaries and all other legal entities that are directly or indirectly related to the issuer of the financial instrument. Of course this kind of information is also available for legal entities that haven’t issued investments on the financial markets.

Best quality data

A result of the financial crisis is an increase in regulatory reporting requirements. It could be very complex and time consuming to get all regulatory filings to the regulator on time and being regulatory compliant. Data quality is a hot item and will get more focused on by the regulators.

Made to measure solutions

By using you can be sure that you use the same source of data as the regulators do for ISIN to LEI mappings. The Global LEI system, which is our and their source for LEI data, also provides direct and ultimate parent information. If you are having data vendors that provide these kinds of information to you, is still useful for data quality purposes. It can be used as a benchmark to double check if your data vendors are providing data that is complete, accurate and consistent.

We are happy to perform a free-of-charge check for you and are pretty sure that we could improve LEI coverage and quality. Please contact us.

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We make data available in a user-friendly webportal, where you can easily search and find the details you need to make decisions. Data can be exported to CSV and PDF and you can create your own list of favorite LEIs and ISINs. The LEI data is updated daily; ISIN to LEI mappings are at least updated on a weekly basis.
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