LEI Database Excel AddIn

A fully integrated user-friendly menu in the Excel Ribbon. Direct access to ISIN and LEI data in Excel: search, find, store, enrich, check and update your Excel sheets and files. You need an API key to communicate with our database from Excel.

Search LEI

Perform a search on e.g. ISIN and get the issuer’s LEI as a result. The functionality is similar to the webportal; the look and feel is a little different.

Open LEI Record

Once you’ve opened a specific LEI record, additional data will be shown as well as the underlying information regarding relatioships to other LEIs and issued financial instruments (ISINs). This is also similar to the webportal, but with a different design.

From this screen you can navigate to the LEI Record of one of the parent or child relationships.

Additional functionalities

The Excel AddIn has additional functionalities that are not included in the webportal, like LEI/ISIN AutoDetection. It screens your Excel sheet on possible LEI and ISIN columns.

Once the detection is completed, you can identify the expected relationships between the columns.

The final result is an enriched Excel file, indicating whether the relationships are complete and accurate.

We are also planning to include regulatory reporting templates, like Solvency II QRTs S.06.02 and S.08.01.

Free demo

We make data available in a user-friendly webportal, where you can easily search and find the details you need to make decisions. Data can be exported to CSV and PDF and you can create your own list of favorite LEIs and ISINs. The LEI data is updated daily; ISIN to LEI mappings are at least updated on a weekly basis.
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