LEI management made simple

From November 2019 ISIN2LEI.eu is an official Registration Agent of Ubisecure RapidLEI (RA). As an RA we are authorised to help organizations in managing their LEI codes. We can assist in applying for new LEI codes and renewing and transferring existing LEI codes.

Multiple years

We offer the possibility to purchase an LEI code for multiple years. This means that your LEI code will automatically be renewed in the next year(s) without any additional cost. Of course we will check the correctness and accuracy of the information and update the LEI record if anything has been changed.
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  • 1 year contract – €   62,-
  • 2 year contract – € 105,- (€ 52,50 yr.)
  • 3 year contract – € 144,- (€ 48,00 yr.)
  • 4 year contract – € 180,- (€ 45,00 yr.)
  • 5 year contract – € 210,- (€ 42,00 yr.)

Why choose ISIN2LEI.eu?

  • Official Registration Agent (RA).
  • Quick and easy ordering
  • Several payment options
  • Years of ISIN and LEI experience
  • Personal support when needed
  • The refund period as detailed under the GLEIF RA Governance Framework will be honoured appropriately.

Which companies need an LEI

The Legal Entity Identifier is a unique global identifier for legal entities. It has been created as a response to the 2008 financial crisis to increase transparency and reduce risk. Most financial institutions require to have an LEI in order to trade on financial markets. Next to that identifying your business partners with an LEI reduces risk and give the possibility to monitor their entity data as well as the data of all the entities related to it, such as the parent company and all subsidiaries of the parent. By mapping the LEI to other identifiers, like ISIN, you have also a direct link to the financial instruments issued by the entity itself and related entities.

Five reasons to get an LEI (PDF)

KYC/ Client Onboarding

A recent study of McKinsey & Company and GLEIF shows the potential of the LEI for KYC and Client Onboarding purposes. Identifying a (potential) client by an LEI, “would allow for more robust and efficient know your customer (KYC) diligence.”

ISIN2LEI.eu can also assist in requesting LEIs for your (potential) clients and manage these LEIs as well. We’ll inform you about any direct and indirect changes to the LEI records, child and parent relationships and financial instruments issued by them.

LEI Code Application

The following steps need to be taken in order to get an LEI:

  • Fill out the LEI Request Form and send it to us
  • If it’s your first application, we need a signed Letter of Authorization to act on your behalf.
  • ISIN2LEI.eu processes the data and performs data quality checks
  • If the data is OK, we’ll send a payment request (via bank transfer, iDeal, creditcard)
  • After receipt of the payment the order will be finalized
  • The (new) LEI code will mostly be provided to you within hours

Request your company LEI

Getting an LEI is quite easy. The only thing you have to do is fill out our LEI Request form and we take care of the rest. If the data is OK we’ll send a payment request and finalize the procedure for you
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