Get our data directly into your systems by using our API. Integrate ready to use API URLs and perform mass searches and exports. Up to 1,000 requests per minute.

Basic and Pro account

The API is included in the Basic and Pro account.
Every Basic and Pro user have their own API key and can request for different types of data:

  • LEI Search
  • LEI Level1
  • LEI Level2 Relationship Record
  • LEI Level2 Relationship Exceptions
  • ISIN

The results are in JSON.

Here’s an example of the result of an API call for the LEI Record of Microsoft:

    "created":"2019-01-20 11:00:40",
    "othernamesisin2lei":"Microsoft Corp",
    "EntityLegalName":"MICROSOFT CORPORATION",
    "AddAddressLine1":"300 DESCHUTES WAY SW STE 304,",
    "HQFirstAddressLine":"1 Microsoft Way",
    "AuthorityEntityID":"600 413 485",

Free demo

We make data available in a user-friendly webportal, where you can easily search and find the details you need to make decisions. Data can be exported to CSV and PDF and you can create your own list of favorite LEIs and ISINs. The LEI data is updated daily; ISIN to LEI mappings are at least updated on a weekly basis.
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