LEI registratie
Johan Hol Founder and CEO

Johan Hol (1979) founded ISIN2LEI.eu in 2018. He has over 10 years experience in the financial sector and over the years he has been involved in 100s of regulatory filings for pension funds and insurance companies. The LEI Database Excel AddIn is developed by Johan.

Mark Roelands Consultant

Mark Roelands (1986) is a Risk & Compliance specialist and is involved in ISIN2LEI.eu as a consultant and sparring partner. His excellent knowledge of regulatory reporting adds great value to ISIN2LEI B.V..

Romke van der Veen Programmer

Romke van der Veen (1981) is a self employed programmer (ROMKE.nl) and has developed ISIN2LEI.eu’s webportal.

Jouke Bloem Marketeer

Jouke Bloem (1973) is an online marketing expert and busy making ISIN2LEI visible online for a wider range of people and organizations.

Thirsa de Jager Graphical Designer

Thirsa de Jager (1975) is a graphical designer. She restyled the ISIN2LEI’s logo and is responsible for the corporate design.